Legend of the Green Dragon (and weird dreams)

…it’s like Alien Adoption Agency, but they don’t insanely limit the features for non-‘donating’ members.
Well, it has much more in the way of features than AAA did the last time I was there, so maybe not quite like that place.

In other news, yet more really weird dreams. Two, anyway. Or maybe just the one that changed abruptly.

In the first, I was camping out in the middle of a desert-like place with ruins, along with a friend of mine. Most of the dream was spent trying to deal with the blinding light and sandstorms by putting a tarp over a hole in the roof of one of the aforementioned ruins, and weighing it down with rocks.
The second was back at my home, with my brother and maybe one of his friends? Plus a creepy old woman and a bunch of suspicious young adults trying to break in and steal stuff. Woman working with those shady people. After (us) chatting with the woman for a bit inside, the suspicious people turned up in the back garden with lock picks. I stopped them getting in the nearest room by holding the key in the lock, but they got in through another door. Then I woke up.

Search these for deep meaning… I will not.



Protect your NIN NIN from physical damage. Do not overload electrical circuits. Make sure your NIN NIN is functional before entering battle. If NIN NIN consistently fails to heal, gently clear air intakes. Keep your NIN NIN away from sources of heat (Efreet, Gargoyles, Gas Clouds).
Store in a cool, dry place. Do not submerge. Do not feed after midnight.
If your NIN NIN has a fever, you should talk to your doctor.

Ginormo Sword