I beat Barioth…? I beat Barioth!

…I can’t believe I just beat Barioth with a Sword ‘n Shield.

So, yeah. Whilst waiting for something to tick over in Mabinogi – annoying quests only possible on one day out of the week. Rather needless roadblocks, honestly – I decided that I’d play some Monster Hunter, and got around up upgrading a weapon into a state I’ve been waiting for for a while.
Hypnos Knife. I absolutely love sleep-inducing weapons, as much as I love dealing paralysis out. I don’t actually use the smaller melee weapons much; I find they lack punch, and in a game where I’m decidedly pathetic at dodging at short range, I need to take things out quickly or else they take me out.

With a fair bit of time left over after testing the sword against a few minor things (Great Jaggi, Qurupeco), I decided to take on Barioth, for a laugh. If I did badly, all I’d need to do is abandon to get back all the gear already-used in the fight, right?
Somehow I won. Part of it was probably the mobility using a lighter weapon allows – attacks are quicker, so you’ve more openings in your own attacks to dodge out of the way if you’re suddenly standing in a bad place. Whilst attack tends to be lower than that of heavier weapons, you get longer combos; this is particularly effective when the weapon has an element or status attached to it. Like this Knife. The reason I love sleep-inflicting weapons and ammo over other statuses is that they give me an opportunity to set down barrel bombs for massive damage, and I ended up with two opportunities in the fight against Barioth, not counting when it went to sleep of its own accord.
And Barioth is apparently one of the lower-HP bosses offline. Meaning, less opportunities to hit and possibly sleep the creature.

Anyway, in ‘celebration’ of this feat, I’m about to do Baol Infiltration in Mabinogi. Joy.
…well, can’t be harder than Barioth, can it?

Current Status and Latest Project

…okay, I haven’t posted in a while. I got back into Mabinogi – they updated with all content up to G11 or thereabouts, so we’re pretty close to the American version now, if not right at the same point. I don’t know – I don’t actually keep up to date on a version I won’t be able to play (without messing around with proxies/lag/annoying Nexon).

Since Barioth pretty comprehensively kicked my butt and kept on kicking it, I slowly stopped playing Monster Hunter Tri up north, and then university finished – I graduated, yay – and the Wii got lost in all the stuff carted back here for a while. The Wii is now set up, but I still haven’t been playing due to having my eyes set on Rathalos gear. Most of which requires someone to chop off a tail or three. As I fail immensely every time I try to break tails, my only recourse is learning to use a melee weapon, or getting one or two of my friends to help me/do it for me, and… one of them is also addicted to Mabinogi. Tail isn’t getting chopped off soon, anyway.
That said, at least online works properly down here, and at least the router doesn’t want to die every time someone jogs the wall it’s mounted on.
Also worked out I need to unlock the Rathalos mission online, which means opening the next set of missions by capturing an online Barroth. At least. Yaaay.

So, projects. I put together an entry for the global Mabinogi design competition. I’m hoping my thing at least manages not to be summarily discarded. Technically that took up half of September, but realistically most of the work happened in the last few days, when I gave up trying to design clothing and drew a weapon instead.
Well. ‘Weapon’. Healing wands probably aren’t supposed to be actual weapons.

So, now that that’s done, I’m currently trying to implement Spellcast in mySQL and PHP.
…the lengths I go to for a less-buggy implementation of that game. Thus far I’ve gotten a new notebook since I completely filled out my last project notebook during university, and I’ve started trying to plan out the database side. I need to dig up my old notebook as it contains all the notes from the last time I tried something like this, including all the stuff on the game’s rules.
Part of me wants to go grandiose, ‘lets have player logins and statistics and flashy stuff’, but it’s a small bit and most of me just wants a working game to start with.