Rune Factory

In the past year or so, a couple of different entries to the Harvest Moon series have been released; Innocent Life on the PSP, a science-fiction-styled Harvest Moon wherein you played as a robot, and Rune Factory on the DS, a more-fantasy-styled-than-usual Harvest Moon wherein you play as an amnesiac conned into working on a farm.
Yes, seriously. Most of the introductions to the NPCs begin with the lines ‘Oh, so YOU’RE the one Mist conned into working on her farm?’, or some variation thereof.

Slightly-stereotypical RPG amnesia aside, though, Rune Factory is a solid and interesting addition to the series, with both the usual growing crops and romancing NPC women activities, and an interesting if slightly tough attempt at modern-Ys or classic-Zelda-style combat and exploration.

In short, this is the perfect substitute for Mabinogi as you can’t import THAT.