Lagiacrus defeated, finally

And with only 60+ hours of playtime logged. I think most of my problem last time was in not having a good-enough gun; I certainly didn’t really land more hits than last time, and got thrown around just as much. Oh, and better bombs. Large Bomb+ are fun, but putting Lagiacrus to sleep for it only made me want the Gigginox set the more.

I managed to break its chest and its back during the fight, which may have contributed to me getting a Lagiacrus Plate in the loot afterwards, but that still leaves me needing Lagiacrus’ tail for the bowgun part I was looking at earlier. With Lagiacrus’ defeat I have a new award, too – the Tidal Necklace, which goes well with the Chief’s Garb and Scroll of the Sage, which I got… ages back. Before I even got the Chief’s Garb. What can I say? I like combining stuff.
Despite not getting the tail – honestly, I wasn’t trying. I’ve given up on Slicing ammo – I do now have a Thundacrus part, but it’s one that appeared after properly beating Lagiacrus. It’s the bit with rapid-fire Thunder shot, and it sounds very nice.
Sadly, using it means replacing the part that gives me rapid-fire Crag. Ech. I guess it’ll only see use on non-Lagiacrus aquatic monsters. I like crag shot too much to give it up for Rathian.
Actually, that’s a thought. It ought to help on Gobul and I need a Lantern from that thing.
Finally, messing around with upgrades for weapons I haven’t used in ages, I now have a hammer that wants Mohran parts for upgrade into Fang Hammer “Echo”. I’ve always wanted a weapon with a name in that style.

Gigginox Down!

And in just half an hour, too. That went much better than my previous attempts.

Its bowgun looks nice, allowing me to finally use the Poison 2 shot that’s been gradually accumulating for some reason. Its armour set appears to have status attack up, or what I assume to be status attack up; Status+2 or +3 on each gunner piece that I can see, anyway.
Now I’m torn between farming this and going for Lagiacrus. Both have things that I want. Hmm.

Hunting Tails

So is 30 Slicing shot not enough to cut off a tail on, say, a Royal Ludroth, or is it just about enough but I keep missing anyway? My aim is getting better, but it and my predictions of the enemy’s behaviour still aren’t good enough to stop me from shooting slicing shot into the thing’s forelimbs.

Today thus far has mostly been hunting creatures – the aforementioned Royal Ludroth – in Moga for resources and rare trade goods; as a result, another of my ships has been improved slightly, and I now have the Aquamatic “Needler” barrel, which I haven’t even used yet and already has love for letting me rapid fire Crag 1. I’m about to go hunt a Rathian in the hopes of a better kind of rare trade good. Cha-Cha has a new idea for a mask that involves a Gobul Lantern, which I have been putting off because I hate Gobul, and Gigginox and Lagiacrus are still roaming out there, somewhere.
So not so much progress lately. I’m gradually building up better gear and once I see what the stock is the codex the Argosy is offering will make, I’ll try either Gigginox or Lagiacrus again and see how I do.

On Bowguns

So I like bowguns. They’re versatile if somewhat weak, and expensive to maintain. Until this morning I stuck with light bowguns because medium bowguns, as  I’d tried them, turned out to have really poor speed. However, it turns out that’s just for bowguns with folding frames. A medium bowgun with a non-folding frame has almost the same capabilities as a light bowgun, and I have a hunch that a heavy enough bowgun will still act like a heavy bowgun even with a non-folding frame. Maybe.

So I have a new general configuration for a bowgun. The one I was using previously (Light Bowgun, Jaggid Fire, Royal Launcher) seems better for support – it’ll load at least two shots of each support ammo, capable of carrying four sleep shots and five exhaust shots ready. My new medium bowgun (Jaggid Fire, Medium Bowgun, Royal Launcher) carries less of about half of the support shots, but has a higher attack power and will load more Crag and Pierce 2 ammo. Better when I want to deal more straight damage in a shorter length of time.
I might actually try out bits of the Barrozooker now, provided I can wedge it into a medium bowgun somehow.

I need more power…

I’ve barely managed to get the Khezunox limping in the given time, and that was in the last five minutes allotted. I’m currently attacking Rathian in the hopes of putting together its armour – which will be troublesome as I’ll need one plate from it, joy – for armour that’ll be useful against the Khezunox – Earplugs? But it looks like I’ll need to use Decorations for it – which may be useful against Lagiacrus but as I haven’t defeated the Khezunox yet none of its armour has appeared as an option at the blacksmith, so I don’t know.

I’ve made even less progress on Lagiacrus. Ah, well. I’m going to bully Rathian until she gives me a plate. 

Failed on Lagiacrus twice

Once I threatened to time out, and the other time I ended up stunned, with very little life, and two KOs already, right in front of Lagiacrus preparing to charge.

…happily I didn’t lose any resources due to abandoning in both cases.
I think I’ll go farm Rathian for a bit. It’ll give me practice dodging something large, give me a nice set of armour – not really usable on Lagiacrus due to the weakness to lightning, but nice all the same – and let me beat something to repair my ego. All reasonably important.
Also, I need to find a Jumbo Pearl. I want that Gaiasp.

The Queen is Dea- …wait, I already used that one. Hm.

Ever notice how Rathians sound like a TARDIS? Though it seems more pronounced on the larger ones. Just listen to them when they spin.

Well, that’s a Rathian down. Much easier than I’d expected, and in ignoring the Khezunox I seem to have picked the right mission to complete to get the Lagiacrus to come back. Or does it just come back regardless of which of the two missions you complete first?
Anyway, yes, Rathian down, taking around 30 to 35 minutes. Provided you keep moving, few of its attacks are an actual threat to a gunner; I did get caught when standing behind it when it backflipped at one point, but even when enraged it’s slow enough to just run around normally. It also stepped on me a few times when I made bad calls and reloaded at the same point Cha-Cha chose to flee.
On the subject of ammo, I finally have Crag S All Up, so with my current usual bowgun I can load two shots of Crag 2 at once. Not that I HAVE much of that particular level at any given time – I need to dedicate stuff to fishing at some point, I guess. I can also technically use Crag 3, but I have no clue how to make that. Probably requires… large bone husks, or whatever the third level of ammo casing material is called. Additionally, Pellet 3 is worth using when you can deal with the recoil, and was of immense help on Rathian. I’m still not going to bother with lower levels of it, though.
This Rathian looked awfully small compared to the online Rathian that kicked our butts the other day. I’m beginning to wonder whether I just perceive things as larger the first time I encounter them. 
That one probably WAS bigger, though.

Lagiacrus has been driven off!

Without fainting, too. I’m so… proud, I guess. What with Barroth and Rathian yesterday each getting KOs on me a few times, I needed that sensible boost to my ego.

Lagiacrus, at least at this point, wasn’t too different from Royal Ludroth – it shares most of its attacks with the squishy lizard, though as befitting something that may or may not be an elder dragon, puts a few twists on most of them. Being larger than Royal Ludroth by default, the attacks are slightly more difficult to dodge, and when enraged it’s faster. It can also destroy portions of the underwater areas, knocking down pillars, which works out in your favour if you want more room to dodge, but… I don’t think I want to be hit with that attack.
I was most worried about its lightning-element attacks, having heard bad things about the spines on its back and its breath, but I shouldn’t have been; I only had around ten points of lightning resistance on my makeshift armour set – equal parts Barroth and Bnahabra, as despite all of yesterday’s runs I still didn’t have enough for a full set of the former – but the lightning-related attacks Lagiacrus did have were either older attacks re-purposed from Royal Ludroth, or a stronger form of an existing attack with an obvious sign that Lagiacrus is going to add electricity to it. 
No, as usual the thing to be wary of is the same thing to be wary of for  Royal Ludroth – its ‘roll’, or in this case wave. Like any self-respecting sea dragon, Lagiacrus moves more like a snake than anything with legs.
Anyway, now I’m slightly annoyed that I guess I need to beat stuff and wait for the next urgent quest to turn up; having driven Lagiacrus off, the Thundacrus stock showed up, and it’s a rather nice improvement over anything else I have that’ll fit in a light bowgun.
Unfortunately, it needs plates and a tail.

Hunting Barroths

Hunting Barroths are much easier when they’re small – the one on my advancement quest was only around 13 to 14 metres long. They’re… much easier to dodge when they’re not giant-sized. I’m now finally cleared for HR9+, and am able to buy better ammo. Yaay. 

The proceeds from that quest immediately went on preparing for a friend’s attempt, which failed miserably. Barroth charged on me twice in a row, so naturally I fainted. That always seems to be what gets me – getting caught by something aimed at a friend, then getting finished off as Barroth decides to go for me next. Someone else fainted twice, I think; that’s the main danger of online quests – the allowed failures are shared, rather than just your own lives.

So we picked ourselves up and went back and beat Barroth over the head, successfully this time. The other two are great at breaking its scalp, so the first failed run wasn’t a complete loss, and I also picked up enough Fertile Mud from all attempts to let me upgrade the farm as soon as I locate a few giant-sized Aptonoth. Barroth’s armour looks… well, it looks usable, and is probably better in terms of defense than the Rhenoplos set, but it also looks very general; a basic bonus to attack, a… penalty to Expert, I think. I can’t remember.
So, after all that mess, for something completely different we went to go hunt a Rathian. We failed, but it was a valiant try, or… something. Rathian’s ‘sit there and eat you’ attack is pretty sickening in terms of damage and mental imagery, and I need a gun that can actually load Thunder shot. That also happens to be a Light Bowgun.
Rathian’s wings are pretty easy to break with Pierce 2. Someone also managed to chop off Rathian’s tail, but that was whilst I was running back from being eaten; I’m still not sure how the Felynes manage to patch a person up after that. Chopping off the thing’s tail doesn’t stop it from poisoning people on a backflip, annoyingly, and it can also inflict Fireblight with its breath; a bad combination, altogether.
Following that defeat, one friend went off to play something else. The remaining two of us went mining for Bloodstones and lucky charms. As usual, Khezunox butted in and started making a nuisance of itself after a while, but by then we were really just mining for additional stuff like Isisium and Lightcrystals. I never noticed before, but it seems to roar out of its butt?
Kolma was right. You really can’t tell which end is which on those, sometimes.
I didn’t manage to mine out any charms, but there was one in the reward. It would be perfect for fighting Gobul, possessing +6 Stun, except it is actually really bad for fighting Gobul, with -10 Oxygen.
Altogether, time for more offline stuff. Baggi don’t seem to give me parts for a Baggi-themed gun, but there HAS to be something for Lagiacrus, and knowing that thing it’ll give me something that can shoot Thunder. I just hope I can fit even one part into a light bowgun.

Tundra seems somehow nostalgic…

…but I’m not sure if it’s because of the Snowy Mountains, or Hills & Forest.

Snowy Mountains is obvious. It’s a cold, chilly place with caves and Khezu. Tundra is cold, has caves, and has the Gigginox, now dubbed the Khezunox because that’s what it is; a noxious Khezu with pink highlights.
But… Hills & Forest. Something about the place – the map, maybe – makes me think Hills & Forest froze over. But I’m not sure I’m remembering H&F’s map properly, and I could be thinking about somewhere else.
I don’t know. The area just seems nostalgic.

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