It’s that puppet thing. CASTING DRAGON SLAVE.

Noooo… it’s a significant character… and it sounds like male-ish Lina in the incantation…

EDIT: And it glides like… Klonoa. Huh. Lucky association.

Anyway, not doing anything for the closing sequence.

“Heh. Looks like they’ve got something.” “Lina-san, that’s a line for villains.”

Okay, I don’t know what’s going on or WHEN this is happening… but I like it.
Though I get the idea someone has purple eyes and is hiding it, somehow. Could be the closed eyes, smile and hint of purple colour when he opens them a little.

Could be intentional.


Maybe it IS a continuation. Amelia and Zelgadis recognise them (…and those two are travelling together), Lina’s famous for destroying Sairaag (twice), and the pirates (and ‘Miss Mermaid’) are absolutely petrified of her when they recognise her.

Ah, well. Still good. Except for ‘Dravoid’. That’s how they translated ‘DRAMATA’. We got that as ‘Dragon SPOOKER’ when Slayers was translated officially here; Dragons Step Past Out Of C(K)lear REvulsion.
Also, Lina was banned from Hell. Go Lina!

Oh, cool, they extincted bandits

So THAT’s why we’ve got pirates in the opening episode.

…okay, shutting up now.

I think Slayer’s Revolution is…

…somehow thumbing its nose at One Piece, here.


Wow, Lina’s breasts aren’t totally flat. Check them out at (03:07).

…still pitiful compared to Amelia’s. Check THOSE out on the sponsorship screen at (01:45).

Slayers Revolution

So it turns out Slayers is getting remade. ‘Slayers Revolution’ is the title of the new series, and from what I’ve heard despite the title, it’s a remake of the first season, or part of it?
I’m not sure yet. I haven’t watched past the opening sequence. This is the translation by Static Subs & Eclipse.

Thus far!

Lina’s still wanted; the very beginning, complete with vintage Lina-narration, is a wanted poster.

There’s a globe (or… the world) and a map in the intro sequence. There’s a scribbled handwritten name at the top that looks like ‘Saillne’, or ‘Saillune’. That should seem familiar if you read it out; the last two or three letters are next to illegible, but that’s what it seems to say to me. Other names I read on there: ‘Maben’, ‘Bohgo’ or ‘Bongo’, and ‘Lats’. I should go peer at KanazakaDex and see if those are even close to places from the original series.

Lina and Gourry look very much like their original incarnations. When I’m looking at them, it just seems like a much cleaner, neater version (quality-wise) of the original designs. Maybe Gourry looks a little taller, but that tended to vary slightly (like his… personality) for comedic effect.

(Minor?) Difference! Xelloss turns up in the opening; he didn’t appear until later on in the original series, so… maybe I heard wrong. His hair looks like it’s been cut a little shorter than originally, but otherwise the same.

Um… some waitress or maid, a grey tiger-man with an axe, someone who looks like Kefka crossed with Madoi Iroaya from Rockman.exe, with a fan…

An eclipse in front of a green sun. Images of that flashed earlier on when we had a shot of Lina’s face, so it’s probably significant somehow.

Lina posing dramatically in the wind… looks very much like she originally did, flat chest and all. Big earrings, too.

THEN there’s this weird lime-green rabbit-thing doll-thing with a zip up it’s front. Think Popka or Klonoa from Klonoa, apply body paint. Decapitate them (eww), replace their head with one of those odd-haired Troll things that were the craze for desk ornamentation in the early 90s, and give them a red cape. THAT is that thing.

Lina casting a spell… then Amelia sliding or flying towards the screen. Yay, justice for all. Zelgadis, too; posing dramatically rather than doing the Amelia thing or being perky at Lina. Those two look pretty close to the original designs, too.

Lina plus balls of fire… which may or may not be fireball, probably doesn’t matter as this is an intro sequence. The green Popka Troll doll-thing with more fireballs. Some ninja attacking Gourry.

More spellcasting. Xelloss, and him opening his eyes. Orbital strike (Dragon Slave?) on what looks to be the temple Lina and team were in earlier.

Smiles and victory V’s (yeah, must have been Dragon Slave…) from major characters and that green Popka Troll thing. I hope that’s not going to be a main character.
Shot of Lina, Gourry, Amelia (HEROIC POSE on a rock!) and Zelgadis standing with a runed circle (one that appeared earlier) drawn in the sky behind them.

Sword of Light.


Oooookay, I’m going to watch the first episode or two now. Pausing and typing every second or two isn’t a good way to watch things the first time around, not if you want to WATCH them.