I beat Ceadeus, and all I got was a scale, some fur, and a few gems

Admittedly I only repelled it, though.
So, Monster Hunter. I haven’t played it for a while; got annoyed at Diablos, I think.

I picked it up again on monday, fought a few things for practice, successfully cut off a tail – Royal Ludroth’s, which is still an achievement for me, considering it requires melee-work, what with my utter uselessness with Slicing ammo – and today I somehow beat Uragaan and Ceadeus.
…huh. So many new urgent quests…

Anyway, Uragaan and Ceadeus.
First, Uragaan. This huge-chinned thing reminds me of Dodongo, especially when it runs straight over me. That thing turns faster than it ought to be able to. Well, it’s a relative of Barroth, so I was expecting it to be occasionally-fast, but… ow. Getting run over takes off two-thirds of my health in Rathian kit. I need to go strike the earth at the Volcano and hope for GOOD Armour Spheres.
Uragaan was my second proper use for Pellet shot, as it’s very large – twenty metres long – and the chin alone is large enough to take more than the one hit from it. I’d also brought Water shot, and run out of it with a rapid-fire gun long before Uragaan showed any signs of wearing out.
Somehow I took it out with Exhaust shot. I think I’d run out of everything else by that point. I forgot what horrible range the stuff has, too; it just arcs downwards, depressingly, into the ground when you don’t aim it, or aren’t too close to the enemy.
Not really looking forward to fighting it again, but I’d rather fight it than Gobul. The armour set might be nice.

Now, Ceadeus. This one reminds me of the Wind Fish. I’m not sure what it is with me and Zelda, today. I initially attempted to take it on with a bowgun with a Thundacrus part and, uh, failed at the end of the second area. I guess I didn’t do enough damage.
I started over toting Jaggi kit, a talisman for Oxygen Up, and one of my long swords – Wyvern Blade “Fire”, as for some reason water-bound monsters seem to be susceptible to that element. Not at all sure why.
It tried to eat me a few times, but I successfully got to the last area before running out of health/Ceadeus’ patience. It is a great relief to be able to start over from that point afterwards, though. From there it was a matter of doing another mission and firing less underwater ballista ammo at it than I thought I’d need. I even got its horn off! …and only got scales from it. Ech. It seems everything Ceadeus wants crooked horns and/or deepdragon gems or whatever those things were called.
I really want to see the armour, though, and the weapons. Ceadeus is the first giant elder dragon I’ve managed to get to, let alone beat.
So, yeah, I beat a horned sea slug. Yay.

Also, when did I get enough Lagiacrus materials to make any piece of its kit? I haven’t fought it since last I stopped playing, and if I’d known I had the stuff I would have made it.
On that note, Lagiacrus is currently rampaging around the island. I think I’ll take it on next, for a break. I was originally preparing to take on the ‘trap Lagiacrus’ quest, or was trying to get enough Thunderbugs to make traps to be ready for the quest, but then I got distracted by Ceadeus. As long as Lagiacrus is running around the island and I need rare trade goods, though…

I beat Barioth…? I beat Barioth!

…I can’t believe I just beat Barioth with a Sword ‘n Shield.

So, yeah. Whilst waiting for something to tick over in Mabinogi – annoying quests only possible on one day out of the week. Rather needless roadblocks, honestly – I decided that I’d play some Monster Hunter, and got around up upgrading a weapon into a state I’ve been waiting for for a while.
Hypnos Knife. I absolutely love sleep-inducing weapons, as much as I love dealing paralysis out. I don’t actually use the smaller melee weapons much; I find they lack punch, and in a game where I’m decidedly pathetic at dodging at short range, I need to take things out quickly or else they take me out.

With a fair bit of time left over after testing the sword against a few minor things (Great Jaggi, Qurupeco), I decided to take on Barioth, for a laugh. If I did badly, all I’d need to do is abandon to get back all the gear already-used in the fight, right?
Somehow I won. Part of it was probably the mobility using a lighter weapon allows – attacks are quicker, so you’ve more openings in your own attacks to dodge out of the way if you’re suddenly standing in a bad place. Whilst attack tends to be lower than that of heavier weapons, you get longer combos; this is particularly effective when the weapon has an element or status attached to it. Like this Knife. The reason I love sleep-inflicting weapons and ammo over other statuses is that they give me an opportunity to set down barrel bombs for massive damage, and I ended up with two opportunities in the fight against Barioth, not counting when it went to sleep of its own accord.
And Barioth is apparently one of the lower-HP bosses offline. Meaning, less opportunities to hit and possibly sleep the creature.

Anyway, in ‘celebration’ of this feat, I’m about to do Baol Infiltration in Mabinogi. Joy.
…well, can’t be harder than Barioth, can it?

So how badly do a hunter’s skills deteriorate over time?

Not too badly, it seems! I haven’t forgotten how to take out a Rathian, anyway. Even if I did get stepped on a few too many times, and fainted once when it landed on me. Certainly could have been worse, but wasn’t.

Unfortunately, the next thing I need to do is still take on Barioth. Perhaps I should have just gone back to Freedom 2? At any rate, taking stock of where I left off, there are a couple of things I can do to prepare for that; first would be finding a decent set of gear against ice. I appear to have bits and pieces of a Baggi set lying around, but it isn’t complete, and I honestly don’t like the idea of wearing armour that helps, of all things, Pellet shot, so if I can find a better alternative, I’ll use that instead. Second is a better weapon; a couple of Rathling Gun pieces, the Barrel and Stock, are available, and the stock in particular is attractive due to its weight, but the Barrel has a shield on it, and reduced deviation. However, each piece requires something I can’t easily get on my own; Rathalos Tails or Plates. I can’t slice to save my life, and Plates are… ugh. I don’t know if they’re obtainable offline, and even if they are, hunting Rathalos goes quicker with other people around.

Not that I can remember if I have Rathalos missions unlocked online, and not that I can actually get online right now; the cable I have is just slightly too short to reach the house router, and we don’t have wireless.


Well, anyway. I’m hunting again, and I have short-term and less-short-term goals. Maybe I’ll be able to beat Tigrex’s older brother this time. I even learned a few things today; I… honestly didn’t know/remember Rathian could roar whilst flying.

No, that isn’t what killed me. I caught Rathian roaring after it flew into Area 3. I hate fighting the Deserted Island’s Area 3. Stupid Melynxes.