Glad that’s over + stuff

I’m glad that I now have my DCS250 coursework finished and handed in. I have… maybe a couple of day’s worth of respite before we all get told what our projects are for this and next year, provided nothing went wrong there.


On the side of non-university-related stuff, I’ve a couple of projects of my own to work on.

‘Pet Dragon’ – Tamagotchi-like pet simulation written in Inform 7. This is mostly to have practice designing a game, and for trying to implement it in a language that isn’t quite suited for the purpose, to see how it turns out. This stalled around the

Generic Roguelike #9754 – C++ roguelike thing started just this weekend. I’ve got it pulling and constructing mazes from text files, but it doesn’t have anything relating to user-input yet, unless you count being able to switch the file the maze is pulled from.

Secret RMXP project #1 – this is currently only in the form of a file of notes written as questions and answers, and a couple of test-things in RMXP.

Secret RMXP project #2 – this one’s the main focus at the moment – it has some maps, scenes… well, it has everything that would technically make it an RPG, but it’s nowhere near finished. The majority of work at the moment is taking place in Google Docs, writing scripts and things. This is more epic, but there’s a chance I’ll get somewhere with it.