So, about that possible secret…

Four deaths, and… nothing. Maybe dwarves can break this thing, or something.

If anyone knows or can work out what’s up with this place, I’d be happy with an answer. You can’t see it in the screenshots, but it even looks odd when turning the camera.

By the end of the trip, poor Nola had died another five  times; once when I didn’t make the jump off the waterfall, once when I managed to fall off the raft immediately afterwards, and then once again during the Griffon fight; a level 2 Hunter has no chance to even survive unless it’s being played by a real person.
Then she kinda died twice again on my way back to that odd spot, in case it changed following the fight. Nope. Saw her body whilst floating past on the raft out.
Interestingly, the whole fight’s skippable. Immediately after jumping off the raft to steady land again, if you head left you can jump to the exit. You don’t have to face the boss to get to the chest.
Of course, I fought anyway. I still love the music, and Griffon is a good source of experience at low risk, plus there’s always the chance IT will drop a chest.

So, loots.
None of the normal monsters dropped anything this run. None last run, either.
The two minor griffons in the Griffon fight dropped a Feather Pen and a Wind Necklace.
Griffon dropped nothing. Nothing last run, either.
The chest in the area after Griffon contained a Jewel Box. Last run it was a Rope of Return. Nothing spawns in this area, so it’s a safe place to rest, but since the exit is a whole one room away, it seems pointless.

Ah, satisfaction is killing off Griffon with Stone Bullet.


Wind Necklace [Accessory]
Wearer is protected by the powers of the wind.
“Now that’s quite a little treasure you’ve found there.”

Feather Pen [Object]
Big feather pen.
(Increase magic recovery rate)
“Well, it’s pretty unusual, but it might still come in handy in a fight.”

Jewel Box [Object]
Holder gains fame.
(? ? ?)

“Well, it’s pretty unusual, but it might still come in handy in a fight.”

Obviously, the Wind Necklace is a good thing to wear if you’re having trouble against Griffons; I think all the damage they do, when not knocking you off ledges, is wind-element. However, wind is not all that common an element outside of the Valley of White Silver.
Save for the Jewel Box, all the Objects are self-explanatory. I don’t know what the Box does, though. I guess that’s the point of it.

Item of the Day

Rope of Return [Object]
Enchanted rope.
(Activates Teleport)
“Well, it’s pretty unusual, but it might still come in handy in a fight.”

The Rope of Return takes you out of the area when used; I don’t know if it works during a boss fight, but I’ll probably be trying it when I reach the Volcano. Provided you remember to bring it with you, this is an insanely useful item. The problem is deciding whether it’s worth the slot it takes up, as unlike other consumable items, you’re not likely to fill that slot with something else before heading back to the inn.

Spell of the Day

Stone Bullet (Sorcerer/Elf)
MP: 6
Command: □ ∆ □
Scores of rocks fly towards the opponent.

A short-range, slow offensive spell that produces multiple projectiles. By the time you have this spell, you should already have the superb Water Bullet, which not only does more damage, it has greater range, costs half the MP of Stone Bullet, and pierces. Stone Bullet’s one advantage is the projectiles circle you once, dealing damage to anything surrounding you, before flying off, making this a good spell to remember when being mobbed.

Valley of White Silver (Again)

So I finally got around to reconfiguring ePSXe to work on the new computer.
Which isn’t much more than selecting the same plug-ins, again, tweaking the controls, and setting the thing to run in a window, after forgetting once. Lots of tweaking. For some reason, I haven’t done my ‘usual’ layout; x for circle, then z, a and s for the buttons in relation to that. Instead, x is X, s is Triangle, a is Circle and z is Square. I think that’s the reverse of the layout on a normal controller – X towards the centre, Circle on the outside, here.
It’s handy, though. Key x (X) is used for the selected default spell, or special skill. It’s also not something I can really deviate from, since all my notes on spell codes and all my practice is based on this odd setting.

So, to celebrate getting ePSXe working without much trouble, I decided to go kill an easy boss with a chance of a decent reward. The Griffon in Valley of White Silver. Its health is comparable to other bosses, but right at the moment it’s doing 12 damage at most per hit. The only annoying thing is the boss Griffon’s charges interrupt spells, where normal griffons don’t when they hit you.
If they don’t poke you off the platform. That always ruins a spell.

Spotted something that might be a secret passageway, but with a mage it isn’t accessible. I’ll generate a hunter and try to keep her alive whilst rushing there, I suppose.

Blaze & Blade (2): Boss Musings

You know, I distinctly remember the Griffon/Gryphon/creature-of-so-many-spellings – the boss of the Valley of White Silver – being tougher. As a Sorceress, the only problem I had was in keeping out of the centre of its wind-buffeting attack – which deals multiple hits. The whole fight took only… two Healing Potions, and both free Healing Pins. I’m around level 70-80~, and fought the whole thing with Blaze, though a decent amount of time was spent running in circles to let my MP recharge.
Still love the music, though.

I know I’m some way away from level 100, still, but I’m thinking about how to take on the Kraken – bossing around the lizard men and wyverns at the Ruins in the Lake – at this point, or at least when I can survive more than two hits and have a full stock of healing items. Blaze doesn’t work all the time as it’s subject to gravity, and the head, unlike tentacles, seems to have a habit of moving randomly out of reach after the spell’s cast.
Plus the range isn’t brilliant, leaving me a sitting duck for splashes of water, and the dreaded Blizzard spell, when casting. Lightning Bolt will probably be the spell of choice for my next attempt – unlike Blaze and Blizzard, it only affects a more-or-less straight line, and the slightly-random nature of the spell that occasionally has it curving around enemies I want to hit (…maybe, could just be poor aim) makes it less than ideal, but the range of the spell is unbeaten as yet, and it’s piercing. If push comes to shove, I could maybe sit behind the spell-tablet-rock and throw lightning at it until it cries.

…also, on the subject of items, Blood Extract is annoyingly described. I always read the description as filling HP back up to maximum.
Not so! It increases the maximum HP of the character using it. Which is brilliant, but if you’re counting on it for healing in a boss fight, you may end up in trouble.