So, Doom 3 arrived today.

Not that I’ve ever been one to enjoy Doom games, aside from some remixes of the series’ music, or even most games remotely like it, aside from Marathon which has a very good story to go along with it… but, anyway, I’m glad this arrived.

See, I enjoy stealth games, and picked up the Thief Collection a year or two back. However, due to owning a… modern computer, it’s a pain to get either of the included games to run, requiring patching and settings-fiddling and, overall, more headache than it’s worth now that the games I own have been LP’d.

Some very enterprising people created The Dark Mod, for use with Doom 3; essentially recreating Thief’s gameplay on top of a game where you’re probably expected to run in guns ablazing, to hell with stealth.
And it looks marvellous. All the standard Thief mechanics and equipment have been implemented, and if not for the splash screen that appears when you start the game, you’d never know it was built on top of Doom 3. It looks far more like Oblivion (which does have its own Thief-based mod).

…come to think of it, wasn’t Thief 4 announced a couple of years back? I wonder what happened to that.