Speaking of Dark Souls…

This turned up on Kotaku today. Odds, huh?

Anyway, this is the kind of manual I’d have wanted with the game. I’m not sure how a friend ended up with a six-page manual; the PS3 European one has- wait, no, it has approximately 6 pages of useful information, and 5 pages of health warnings, content pages, deliberately-blank note pages that no one ever uses, legalese and credits stuff, and advertisements for other games.
That, there, on Scribd is a proper manual. What we got with this and, honestly, most Monster Hunter games was just functional. For a game like Monster Hunter without an emphasis on setting and story, it’s forgiveable, but for a game like Dark Souls it comes across as cheapness, once you see this thing and realise they had something like this and weren’t giving it to the players.
Did they really need to save that much on printing costs? This would have been a far nicer thing to have than the ‘mini strategy guide’, even.

Oh, well. It’s available for everyone to see now, anyway.