Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia and Equipment

You know, I’m fairly certain the previous Castlevania RPG-platformers had more equipment available for their protagonists than this one.
I’m not talking about glyphs or weapons, though those surely make up a large segment of variety in equipment; they’re the most visible aspects of how you equip your characters, and have the greatest impact – each weapon/glyph has a different strength, element, area-of-effect, speed and appearance. I’m talking about defensive gear; armour, boots, hat and accessory.

I’m fairly late into the game, now, after a really long break spent playing other games; the Big Plot Twist – visible from miles away – has happened, and I’m finally wandering around a castle, having spent the rest of the game in forests, monasteries, mountain passes and wherever else the game took me through to increase playtime.
I have five hats, seven pieces of armour – mostly dresses – four boots, and fifteen different accessories. I don’t know whether it’s the game’s utterly abysmal normal droprate even for so-called ‘common’ items, or whether they really did skimp on the non-Glyph equipment, but even Soma had a better selection than this.