Miniview: Orcs and Elves (DS)

I love:
…that I finally have a first-person RPG that isn’t real-time. I have a score of old games for the PC that look similar to this, yet sadly have enemies that act regardless of what the player does. Such as, say, go off to make porridge. Orcs and Elves lets you think a little bit more about strategy than Oblivion does, but in return it throws entire rooms of enemies at you at once, in more confined spaces than you’d get for something real-time.

I like:
…some of the characters. Montague, for instance, or Floofie. Though that’s about it; not much effort went into writing characters, I think. Not much effort went into the story, either, I’m afraid; it’s a pretty generic fantasy.
…that it’s short. I picked this up a few days ago, and I’m already close to finishing. It’s nowhere near long enough to justify picking up at the full price for DS games, but if you spot it going for just short of £5, it’s worth the purchase.

I hate:
…having to buy items one at a time. Gaya’s mood doesn’t go down if you purchase things at a lower price than initially offered, and it doesn’t go down if you fail in negotiations… which isn’t random. So the lack of a mass-purchase option is odd, and annoying when you want to stock up on armour kits.
…the graphics. It’s not pretty. At  its best, Gaya looks like the ice dragon from Noggin the Nog. At its worst, it looks like Doom with medieval stylings. Funny that.