So how badly do a hunter’s skills deteriorate over time?

Not too badly, it seems! I haven’t forgotten how to take out a Rathian, anyway. Even if I did get stepped on a few too many times, and fainted once when it landed on me. Certainly could have been worse, but wasn’t.

Unfortunately, the next thing I need to do is still take on Barioth. Perhaps I should have just gone back to Freedom 2? At any rate, taking stock of where I left off, there are a couple of things I can do to prepare for that; first would be finding a decent set of gear against ice. I appear to have bits and pieces of a Baggi set lying around, but it isn’t complete, and I honestly don’t like the idea of wearing armour that helps, of all things, Pellet shot, so if I can find a better alternative, I’ll use that instead. Second is a better weapon; a couple of Rathling Gun pieces, the Barrel and Stock, are available, and the stock in particular is attractive due to its weight, but the Barrel has a shield on it, and reduced deviation. However, each piece requires something I can’t easily get on my own; Rathalos Tails or Plates. I can’t slice to save my life, and Plates are… ugh. I don’t know if they’re obtainable offline, and even if they are, hunting Rathalos goes quicker with other people around.

Not that I can remember if I have Rathalos missions unlocked online, and not that I can actually get online right now; the cable I have is just slightly too short to reach the house router, and we don’t have wireless.


Well, anyway. I’m hunting again, and I have short-term and less-short-term goals. Maybe I’ll be able to beat Tigrex’s older brother this time. I even learned a few things today; I… honestly didn’t know/remember Rathian could roar whilst flying.

No, that isn’t what killed me. I caught Rathian roaring after it flew into Area 3. I hate fighting the Deserted Island’s Area 3. Stupid Melynxes.

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