Lagiacrus defeated, finally

And with only 60+ hours of playtime logged. I think most of my problem last time was in not having a good-enough gun; I certainly didn’t really land more hits than last time, and got thrown around just as much. Oh, and better bombs. Large Bomb+ are fun, but putting Lagiacrus to sleep for it only made me want the Gigginox set the more.

I managed to break its chest and its back during the fight, which may have contributed to me getting a Lagiacrus Plate in the loot afterwards, but that still leaves me needing Lagiacrus’ tail for the bowgun part I was looking at earlier. With Lagiacrus’ defeat I have a new award, too – the Tidal Necklace, which goes well with the Chief’s Garb and Scroll of the Sage, which I got… ages back. Before I even got the Chief’s Garb. What can I say? I like combining stuff.
Despite not getting the tail – honestly, I wasn’t trying. I’ve given up on Slicing ammo – I do now have a Thundacrus part, but it’s one that appeared after properly beating Lagiacrus. It’s the bit with rapid-fire Thunder shot, and it sounds very nice.
Sadly, using it means replacing the part that gives me rapid-fire Crag. Ech. I guess it’ll only see use on non-Lagiacrus aquatic monsters. I like crag shot too much to give it up for Rathian.
Actually, that’s a thought. It ought to help on Gobul and I need a Lantern from that thing.
Finally, messing around with upgrades for weapons I haven’t used in ages, I now have a hammer that wants Mohran parts for upgrade into Fang Hammer “Echo”. I’ve always wanted a weapon with a name in that style.

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