Hunting Tails

So is 30 Slicing shot not enough to cut off a tail on, say, a Royal Ludroth, or is it just about enough but I keep missing anyway? My aim is getting better, but it and my predictions of the enemy’s behaviour still aren’t good enough to stop me from shooting slicing shot into the thing’s forelimbs.

Today thus far has mostly been hunting creatures – the aforementioned Royal Ludroth – in Moga for resources and rare trade goods; as a result, another of my ships has been improved slightly, and I now have the Aquamatic “Needler” barrel, which I haven’t even used yet and already has love for letting me rapid fire Crag 1. I’m about to go hunt a Rathian in the hopes of a better kind of rare trade good. Cha-Cha has a new idea for a mask that involves a Gobul Lantern, which I have been putting off because I hate Gobul, and Gigginox and Lagiacrus are still roaming out there, somewhere.
So not so much progress lately. I’m gradually building up better gear and once I see what the stock is the codex the Argosy is offering will make, I’ll try either Gigginox or Lagiacrus again and see how I do.

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