Lagiacrus has been driven off!

Without fainting, too. I’m so… proud, I guess. What with Barroth and Rathian yesterday each getting KOs on me a few times, I needed that sensible boost to my ego.

Lagiacrus, at least at this point, wasn’t too different from Royal Ludroth – it shares most of its attacks with the squishy lizard, though as befitting something that may or may not be an elder dragon, puts a few twists on most of them. Being larger than Royal Ludroth by default, the attacks are slightly more difficult to dodge, and when enraged it’s faster. It can also destroy portions of the underwater areas, knocking down pillars, which works out in your favour if you want more room to dodge, but… I don’t think I want to be hit with that attack.
I was most worried about its lightning-element attacks, having heard bad things about the spines on its back and its breath, but I shouldn’t have been; I only had around ten points of lightning resistance on my makeshift armour set – equal parts Barroth and Bnahabra, as despite all of yesterday’s runs I still didn’t have enough for a full set of the former – but the lightning-related attacks Lagiacrus did have were either older attacks re-purposed from Royal Ludroth, or a stronger form of an existing attack with an obvious sign that Lagiacrus is going to add electricity to it. 
No, as usual the thing to be wary of is the same thing to be wary of for  Royal Ludroth – its ‘roll’, or in this case wave. Like any self-respecting sea dragon, Lagiacrus moves more like a snake than anything with legs.
Anyway, now I’m slightly annoyed that I guess I need to beat stuff and wait for the next urgent quest to turn up; having driven Lagiacrus off, the Thundacrus stock showed up, and it’s a rather nice improvement over anything else I have that’ll fit in a light bowgun.
Unfortunately, it needs plates and a tail.

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