Hunting Barroths

Hunting Barroths are much easier when they’re small – the one on my advancement quest was only around 13 to 14 metres long. They’re… much easier to dodge when they’re not giant-sized. I’m now finally cleared for HR9+, and am able to buy better ammo. Yaay. 

The proceeds from that quest immediately went on preparing for a friend’s attempt, which failed miserably. Barroth charged on me twice in a row, so naturally I fainted. That always seems to be what gets me – getting caught by something aimed at a friend, then getting finished off as Barroth decides to go for me next. Someone else fainted twice, I think; that’s the main danger of online quests – the allowed failures are shared, rather than just your own lives.

So we picked ourselves up and went back and beat Barroth over the head, successfully this time. The other two are great at breaking its scalp, so the first failed run wasn’t a complete loss, and I also picked up enough Fertile Mud from all attempts to let me upgrade the farm as soon as I locate a few giant-sized Aptonoth. Barroth’s armour looks… well, it looks usable, and is probably better in terms of defense than the Rhenoplos set, but it also looks very general; a basic bonus to attack, a… penalty to Expert, I think. I can’t remember.
So, after all that mess, for something completely different we went to go hunt a Rathian. We failed, but it was a valiant try, or… something. Rathian’s ‘sit there and eat you’ attack is pretty sickening in terms of damage and mental imagery, and I need a gun that can actually load Thunder shot. That also happens to be a Light Bowgun.
Rathian’s wings are pretty easy to break with Pierce 2. Someone also managed to chop off Rathian’s tail, but that was whilst I was running back from being eaten; I’m still not sure how the Felynes manage to patch a person up after that. Chopping off the thing’s tail doesn’t stop it from poisoning people on a backflip, annoyingly, and it can also inflict Fireblight with its breath; a bad combination, altogether.
Following that defeat, one friend went off to play something else. The remaining two of us went mining for Bloodstones and lucky charms. As usual, Khezunox butted in and started making a nuisance of itself after a while, but by then we were really just mining for additional stuff like Isisium and Lightcrystals. I never noticed before, but it seems to roar out of its butt?
Kolma was right. You really can’t tell which end is which on those, sometimes.
I didn’t manage to mine out any charms, but there was one in the reward. It would be perfect for fighting Gobul, possessing +6 Stun, except it is actually really bad for fighting Gobul, with -10 Oxygen.
Altogether, time for more offline stuff. Baggi don’t seem to give me parts for a Baggi-themed gun, but there HAS to be something for Lagiacrus, and knowing that thing it’ll give me something that can shoot Thunder. I just hope I can fit even one part into a light bowgun.

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