And another thing…

…upon reflection, De Ragan is almost as pitiable as a Basarios, when it comes to difficulty.
Yes. De Ragan, the obligatory dragon boss in Phantasy Star Universe, is almost as easy to beat as the Easiest Wyvern Ever. The only reason it isn’t easier is it has homing fireballs that you must rely on luck for dodging, and spades more health, making tapping it down with a lone Force an exercise in the durability of your digits more than anything. De Ragan moves and attacks so slowly that the only thing that ever hit me was the aforementioned homing fireballs, which are a little cheap.

In every other way, it’s more pitiable than a Basarios. Its model looks ugly, and its feet don’t actually line up with the floor. I also think it’s supposed to be coloured ‘realistically’, as it may not be infected by SEED, but… well, in that case, it’s naturally in possession of neon-green lines.

I suspect Monster Hunter Freedom 2 has broken ordinary bosses and models for me. Why can’t more games look nice?

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