Etrian Odyssey 2: Things From Which to Run Upon Encountering

From the desk of Hester, Medic of Guild Fenril.

  • Giant caterpillars; they may look weak but they’ll take your arms off in a snap.
  • Giant birds; like roadrunner except the spawn of evil.
  • Giant swarms of butterflies.
  • Anything with ‘lord’ in its name; these are bad.
  • Anything with ‘king’ in its name; these are worse.
  • Anything that burns perpetually. This probably caused all the rumours about the second stratum by itself.
  • Mushrooms with legs; no one likes having to fumigate their clothing.
  • Ladybirds; they’re all friends with carnivorous flowers.
  • Floating eyes; these are about as bad as anyone could expect.
  • Winged lizards; they stink.
  • Mismatched monstrosities; they may look pretty or they may look ugly, but they all have sharp claws and beaks… or teeth… or spines, or…
  • Living statues; these make non-living statues.
  • Blue pumpkins; these are tougher than the statues.
  • Deer. Or, well, stags. They look like stags, but everyone calls them deer…
  • Anything that looks like anything else you’ve encountered before; it’s probably much stronger than you expect.


So, finally, examinations are over for the academic year, so long as I don’t have to take resits. With any luck I’ll be able to finish off a couple of pieces that have been waiting since summer, now, or at the very least complete a few games.


  1. Scott Carmichael said,

    May 10, 2009 at 9:26 am

    I always liked the summer breaks inbetween my years of college because I could catch up on games I didn’t have time for [during the school year].

    My personal goal this year is to get through Crysis, Final Fantasy X and get the next level or two of quests in Monster Hunter Freedom 2 on PSP!

  2. lioleus said,

    May 10, 2009 at 12:55 pm

    Problem is… I’m technically not on a break at the moment. I’ve a week-long module next week, then two weeks of ‘Industrial Project’.
    What level of quests are you up to on Freedom 2, now?

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