Miniview: Spelunky (PC)

I love:
…that, despite looks, it’s essentially a roguelike. It combines the randomly-generated levels, violent shopkeepers and ranking on death with 2D platformer action similar to LA-MULANA. Similar enough that the programmer mentions the game in his description, anyway.
…the music. It sounds very nice and of the three or so pieces I’ve heard, none of them fail to fit the game.
…the intro that changes slightly each time I open the game.

I like:
…the graphics. Yeah, it looks like a cross between Treasure Hunter Man and LA-MULANA. That’s not a bad thing. It does take a few enemy sprites from Cave Story, but… again, not a bad thing. I miss this kind of style; what are people thinking that 3D is the future?
…being able to mess around on the title screen, and how the intro leads to that point. Admittedly, you can’t do much, but it is a nice touch all the same.

I hate:
…the giant two-tile-wide spiders; they’re the sole highest cause of death, with everything else mostly split evenly between ‘jumped without thinking’ and ‘attacked too late’.

Get Spelunky here.


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