Mass Effect: Alien Species

I think I like Mass Effect’s aliens. They’re not all ‘forehead’ aliens like you get in Star Trek.
The Asari are a big disappointment, being the blue-skinned
really-close-to-human-looking race. They aren’t that bad when you look
at the information about them, but physically they’re a letdown.

The Turians remind me a little of Alien Soldier, and the…
bone/mandible things bordering their mouth begin to look quite
insectile once you notice them moving as a Turian speaks. Salarians,
meanwhile, look a little like thin, stretched-out Asgard with different
skin colour and texture.
From the non-Council races, the Elcor are one of my favourites;
elephant-gorillas that take a long time to finish speaking, and specify
what tone they’re talking in beforehand. It’s quite amusing watching
one talk with a Volus, which look like cute little Big Daddies in their
suits. Hanar are also very nice, looking like tall jellyfish, or
colourful tiny versions of Morrowind’s big Stilt Striders. The Geth
just look like Star Wars droids, though I suppose it’s a vaguely
sensible shape if you have any tasks that need a humanoid form. Then
there are the Krogan. They’re something with a hunchback between
lizards and birds.
Oh, yeah. Also, the Keepers. Green six-limbed (quadrupedal) things that
are apparently bugs, but something tells me they look similar to
something (bipedal) from Star Wars, or something else.

So, aside from the Asari, Mass Effect was a very good effort towards creating aliens that don’t look human. There are probably a few more out there that I haven’t encountered yet, but I’m not all that far in as yet.


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