Valley of White Silver (Again)

So I finally got around to reconfiguring ePSXe to work on the new computer.
Which isn’t much more than selecting the same plug-ins, again, tweaking the controls, and setting the thing to run in a window, after forgetting once. Lots of tweaking. For some reason, I haven’t done my ‘usual’ layout; x for circle, then z, a and s for the buttons in relation to that. Instead, x is X, s is Triangle, a is Circle and z is Square. I think that’s the reverse of the layout on a normal controller – X towards the centre, Circle on the outside, here.
It’s handy, though. Key x (X) is used for the selected default spell, or special skill. It’s also not something I can really deviate from, since all my notes on spell codes and all my practice is based on this odd setting.

So, to celebrate getting ePSXe working without much trouble, I decided to go kill an easy boss with a chance of a decent reward. The Griffon in Valley of White Silver. Its health is comparable to other bosses, but right at the moment it’s doing 12 damage at most per hit. The only annoying thing is the boss Griffon’s charges interrupt spells, where normal griffons don’t when they hit you.
If they don’t poke you off the platform. That always ruins a spell.

Spotted something that might be a secret passageway, but with a mage it isn’t accessible. I’ll generate a hunter and try to keep her alive whilst rushing there, I suppose.


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